Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Monthly Newsletter #31

Dear Landon,

A couple days ago you turned 31 months old. You are very insistent that it does not by any means take away from your babyhood status.

“Landon, are you a big boy?”

“No, me a baby.”

“Are you sure? You’re not a big boy?”

“NO, me a baby!”

“Well, I think you might be a big boy.”

At this point you get supremely mad. “NO!!! ME A BABAY!!!”

Fine, you’re a baby.

So many new things have sprouted this month. One is the shoulder shrug. Sometimes you use it while narrating an inaudible story. Mumble mumble mumble *shoulder shrug and lifting palms* mumble mumble mumble *shoulder shrug.* You call your sandals “hot day shoes.” You call the alphabet song “ABCDs” and when you see letters on a sign or a shirt, you get excited saying “ABCDs! ABCDs!”

You like to sing, but you don’t always like when mommy sings. Which, ouch! I mean it’s not like I was hoping to be on American Idol or anything, but you don’t have to be so mean about it! You do watch American Idol – and you almost always agree with Simon. So more or less, you’re almost always right. When someone sings that you don’t like you shake your head and then you turn to better things to do, like poking the dog, or reading a book. When someone sings that you think is good, you bop your head to the beat. So maybe I’m blessed to have a small Simon in my house keeping me from humiliating myself…not that I was going to anyway.

On the way to school each morning we see school buses starting their rounds amongst the neighborhoods. You are super excited to see them and if we see enough of them in a row to warrant it, you will totally count them. Uh…that’s probably from my genes – as you will eventually end up counting everything from M&Ms to stairs. Just something to pass the time.

Also, it appears you inherited something else from my genes. It seems you are allergic to your environment. In fact, you may have noticed this newsletter is slightly late, and that’s due in part to the fact that on the morning it should have been posted, I was busy trying to keep you from dying. Oh, that’s a little extreme. But you did wake up at 4 am with 102° fever, and I took you in to the doctor because you’ve have what I would call and allergy cough for a few weeks. He said you had a sinus infection and we’re starting the antibiotics and you will recover. This isn’t the first time it’s happened. See, some kids get ear infections all the time, but you like to hoard your allergy issues until they become infections.

As a special bonus this has fallen at a time when the whole nation is freaked out about a little thing called swine flu. You see, it’s a pandemic, just because people in two or more countries have it. And I think the media decided it was about time they got to use their stock photos of pigs and ran with it, because the number of cases of swine flu, even globally doesn’t even come close to the number of cases of regular flu – and yet that’s not a pandemic, and oh yeah this: it’s completely treatable if caught early on and you just treat it like the regular flu. Anyway, even your doctor looked perturbed about it, but said they (whoever “they” is) said he had to test everyone with a fever for the flu. Your test came back “very” negative, but don’t think I haven’t thought about teaching you to say “oink-choo” upon returning to school. Except, since they made me sanitize my hands before picking you up last week, I decided to not freak them out any more than they already are. Even if it would have been funny.

Oh and on the extra awesome front this month. You pooped in the potty a lot this month. And like 3 days in a row. And then on the 4th day you kept telling me you had to, and I scooped you up and ran towards the bathroom (we’re going to have to work on the amount of notice you give people) and about half way there you’d start laughing and say “I not pooping!” [Oh, I see practical jokes in your future, you are starting so young.] So on the 4th day, I did that 3 times before giving you a lecture about how at some point I wouldn’t believe you and then you wouldn’t get the lollipop. We had one more false alarm, and then the 5th time, you said you were pooping and asked if you were sure too many times, and you were, but I didn’t believe you thus ending your streak.

This past weekend you discovered yoga on the Wii. And then boxing. And I have never had such a tough trainer in all my life. Between the demands for riding the bike to the park and then not actually wanting to play at the park, but get back on the bike and go home, and then do yoga, and then boxing, and then yoga again. I know you’re not sore, you’re not actually doing it, you’re just pretending to do it while I do it. Except the boxing, you’re really very good at the boxing. Anyway, since we only have the one balance board for the Wii, I’ve decided to get you your own, albeit broken, balance board, so you can do the yoga along side me and not have to use your step stool which is a tad too tall for some of these exercises anyway.

No requests this month, although it would be nice if you felt better, I think you’re already well on your way on that front.


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Mama said...

Sounds like someone is definitely on the "no more babies" side of the camp...

Also - broken Wii board is a great idea. I need to implement that one at home so I can get some actual excercise in instead of watching Natalie every other turn.