Thursday, May 21, 2009

Snot watch 2009 Round 846

Landon has yet another sinus infection - or rather maybe a continuation of that last one. The on-call Dr., since his normal Dr. was out today, said sinus infections are notoriously deep seated and sometimes it just takes a longer regimen of antibiotics to get it all. So when he stopped them at 10 days as per original orders and was fine - I thought we were good, but then 2 days later he developed a hacking rumbling cough again, and here we are 6 days after THAT and now we're back on antibiotics for 14 days - with orders to not allow him to share food or drinks with anyone...which will be hella hard seeing as we're at a family function this weekend and that just tends to happen. I need to get in touch with my inner helicopter momness - and that's going to be kind of hard, since I don't have a helicoptery bone in my body. Maybe I'll make him a "Don't feed the Landon" shirt.

The good news is that we discussed the fact that I think these are allergies turned sinus infections and she gave me some non-drowsy options for dealing with that if that is indeed the case. The bad news is that it's a guessing game, since they can't do the allergy testing skin prick test stuff until he's 5.

More good news, since the origination was allergies and his fever - if you can even call it that - never went above 99.9°, I was able to ship him off to school this morning after his first dose of meds and come into work.


Aunt Becky said...

Aww. Poor dude. I get sinus infections and they just SUCK. Poor guy.

Mandy said...

that sucks:(

Mama said...

I think Obama should issue an executive order banning snot. I think he has the authority to do that.