Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Numbers for last weekend

2 - Number of times I was rear-ended last weekend - thankfully with no damage to the vehicle either time.

2 - Number of bars I went to Saturday night.

12 - Number of bachelorette parties at the second bar.

29 - Number of bras I tried on before finding just 3 that didn't poke me in the armpit, create armpit boobs, or create room for someone else's boobs along with mine.

2,876 - lbs of rocks purchased to line flower beds and moved one by one from the truck to the driveway. You'd think that was an exaggeration, but the guy weighed them.

50 - length of flower bed in feet lined with rocks before it even looked like that pile had been touched.

1 - cubic yard of mulch shoveled and placed.

88 - temperature in degrees of the pool - without any heater action.

6 - hours spent in the pool over the weekend

10 - hours Landon slept after spending 4 hours in the pool on Sunday.


kbreints said...

Love this post!

Carol said...

your weekend sounds exhausting (and that includes the bars and bra shopping). love the post!

Someone Being Me said...

Ok I am jealous about the 6 hours of pool time but the rest of your weekend seems a little overwhelming.

Aunt Becky said...

Man, rear-ended twice? Sounds like a hell of a weekend.

I need to buy that much mulch. Stupid mulch.

bernthis said...

1 the number of hours spent being jealous you have a pool