Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Someone call an ambulance, my heart just melted.

Last night on arrival home, a black and white neighbor cat was in our driveway.

"A cat!"


"A black cat."


"A black cat and a white cat."


"A black cat and a white cat, right der."

Being that it was ONE cat, not two, you can see why I might have been a little confused this morning when he started talking about best friends.

"You best fends, mommy?"


"You best fends, mommy?"

"Who's best friends?"

"Mommy best fends, I best fends."

"We're best friends?"

"Yeah. Two best fends."

"You have 2 best friends? Who are your two best friends?"

"No, mommy, me, one, two."

"Ooooh, we're 2 best friends."



kbreints said...

oh my! THAT SO Sweet!

Anonymous said...

I remember those days.

I got my first "I hate being part of this family and I wish I lived somewhere else" last weekend. (guess who)

Apparently, even though they spent the night before and most of the day on Sunday running around at the Strawberry Festival, not being able to spend more time with a best friend is grounds for secession from the family.

Love these times while you can!


Mandy said...

:) so cute!!!!

bernthis said...

see now that would make my day no matter how bad it was..

Mama said...

What a sweet heart. Also, that smile from the last post would melt me all by itself.

Aunt Becky said...

Dude. I want my kid to be that sweet. My heart is melting too!

nonsoccermom said...

Awww, what a sweetie. Miss T just finally started calling me "Mama" and she's so happy when she says it and it melts my heart a little too.