Monday, April 06, 2009

Why having a regular camera instead of a bazillion dollar camera worked out for me this time.

Saturday was my company's annual Easter Egg hunt for the kids. This is the first year we've actually made it there. So naturally I decided to try to sabotage the whole thing from the very beginning.

Last week I got sunburned so badly while sitting at a cookie booth that I became a leper by Thursday. So obviously, I totally forgot about sunblock for this little event when we left the house that morning.

We stopped at Target and couldn't find our regular sun babies stuff in the aerosol can [killing the environment too! Bonus!], but we found some other stuff that said it had the same attributes.

When we got to the Ranch, I changed his clothes and then didn't read the directions on the sunblock and sprayed him down with it. Head to toe. [Don't spray on face, spray on hand and rub on face.]

Not 5 minutes later he was complaining about his eyes and his entire face was beet red. My guess is that with his sensitive skin he had some kind of allergic reaction to it, I took him into the bathroom to try to wash it off his face [FAIL, it's waterproof, and you can only use so much hand soap on a toddler's face before you're just adding to the problem, since it will burn his eyes too]and fight loudly about whether or not I was trying to kill him with soap and water. (Clint said he was glad there weren't too many people walking by because it did sound like I was beating the crap out of him the way he was screaming.)

He still looked pretty bad, but it was fading, so we went on in to the party. First stop was the Merry Go Round, where he was the first one on and everyone else got on RIGHT AROUND him, therefore deserve to have their pictures on the internet. The thing is, the other half of the merry go round? Completely empty. If I had a better camera you would see he was still weird looking here.

They had this cute little boat thing, you had to be under 36 inches to ride. He loved it. Also still weird looking here too, but luckily my camera doesn't pick up on if I can just teach it to not pick up on my muffin top and double chin, we'd be in business.

From there we went to check in and get a cookie and then it was time for the Egg Hunt. No candy, but plenty of little toys in the eggs. After all the eggs had been picked up, he was bouncing around his basket and dropped one and a little boy picked it up for him and put it back in his basket. Landon had no clue he'd even lost that egg, so he gave the kid a weird look for putting an egg in his basket.

And here's where we begin to make progress. He WANTED to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap and ACTUALLY sat on the Easter Bunny's lap. Awesome. Maybe he'll be ok with Santa this year. You honestly probably don't want to know what the tongue sticking out on the side of his mouth was about, but we gave him some Benedryl shortly after this shot.

From there things only got better. We went and stood by the moon bounce until he decided that, yes, he'd like to give that a try. When he first went in there were a bunch of kids inside and he sat right inside by the door for quite some time. He did eventually crawl to the other side when prompted by both me and Clinton peeking through the netting. Maybe he needs another 6 months or so to get his balance together enough to like the moon bounce.

Last time we had the opportunity to try out a petting zoo he freaked out, but this time was okay with the goats, and super excited about the bunnies!

And the last major attraction was a pony ride. We managed to get him on the stubborn donkey who needed someone pulling him AND pushing on him to get him to move. But he loved every second of it.

After visiting each of the attractions [actually we missed the obstacle course because it was off to itself kind of] we went back to the playground, where they have a little plane. Landon got on the plane and sat between two girls. Two girls were up front. Clinton and I were just beyond shocked at how social he was the entire day. It was awesome. I know I say awesome a lot, but there just aren't any better words for it.

From the plane thing we went to the sandbox where he was intent on making a castle and that's when we noticed how red he was getting. We argued back and forth about whether he should drink something [us] or not [him, clearly he was too busy to be drinking stuff]. At which point we decided to be the meanest parents in the world when we made him leave the sandbox in favor of not being sunburned, since he had no sunblock on anymore. We were just going to go in the building with the A/C to cool him down and drink some lemonade, but he had a fit about a cookie, so we knew it was time to make an exit. [FYI - that's not a sunburn on him, he just gets REALLY red when he gets hot.]

All in all, it was a good day and major progress was made on all fronts.


kbreints said...

What fun! Love the sun glasses! To cute.

Aunt Becky said...

That looks SO FUN!