Thursday, April 30, 2009


(1) I apparently don't know the definition of pandemic. It sounds so...dire. And yet:

Cases of Swine Flu in US: roughly 100

US Population: 304,059,724

(2) Someone here is fighting with me about the way toilet paper should hang. I put it on properly and the next time I go in, someone has turned it around. It should hang over, so that if your hand is dirty, you don't touch anything but the paper to get it. If it hangs to the back you run the risk of touching the wall behind it and then the next person does and BAM swine flu.

(3) Landon pooped in the potty 2 days in a row. He's not very good at seeing it coming, because you only get about a 10 second warning, but if you can get him to the potty in time. Awesomeness and lollipops are sure to follow. When asked if he would consider peeing in the potty for say - M&M's. He expressed a liking for M&Ms but then declined the offer, because apparently they are not a good enough motivator to not walk around in your own pee all day.

(4) Landon also put on his own pajama bottoms on last night - which means, I am a shirt, socks and shoes away from not having to dress an extra person in the morning.

(5) I have discovered the best parenting hack of all time. We have a glass shower door, and in order to lure him into the shower, I squirt a little shaving cream on the door for drawing. By the time I have him washed down, he's ready to spray down the door with water to clean it off and get out. Total awesomeness - for now, while it still works, because we all know these things won't last forever.



Mama said...

Love your shower technique - I'll have to give that one a try.

nonsoccermom said...

I'm with you on the whole Swine Flu "pandemic". I think I must be missing something.

And yay for progressions in potty usage and putting on one's own clothes! It's very nice when they finally get to that point. Maybe I shouldn't mention that just this very morning, my son observed that he wouldn't use the bathroom at all today because he can't yet work the button on his shorts. Sigh.

kbreints said...

Yeah... this Pnademic has me puzzled...

...AND I love th shaving cream idea... right now I have to use bubbles...

Anonymous said...

The pandemic is global, not just the US, and people are dying(sp?) from it. Although given the state of cleanliness I've seen in Mexico (border towns only) I can't see why it didn't happen sooner. Maybe the W.H.O. are taking that into account when they consider how to contain it.

Have you tried potty targets? When Josh was little, there were little paper targets (maybe they were paper) that you were supposed to throw in the potty so the boys would have something to try to hit.

M&M's are really good for teaching them to swallow pills when they get older. Mini ones are small and slippery, and if they end up chewing it, it's OK. Once they get the M&M swallowing down, then you can say good bye to those little medicine cups.


Kristine said...

Even on a global scale the numbers are small. Not even close to the number of people who die annually from the regular flu.

From msnbc - world wide cases = 3257 (That's the 3000 they said from Mexico and the 257 world wide cases (I guess they don't consider Mexico part of the world.))

World population 6,706,993,152

I just don't see the need for all the panic.

Mandy said...

I am not panicing and screw Biden for trying to screw with the airline industry over it:)

moving on..... !

neat idea on the shaving cream,,, seriously I may try that!!

also, totally jealous with the pooping in the potty.. my ALMOST FIVE YEAR OLD is RIGHT NOW straining to NOT pooh... good times.

Aunt Becky said...

The media is annoying me to no end. Everyone CHILL.

bernthis said...

that shaving cream thing is a brilliant idea. Too bad my kid is six and only likes to bathe in a tub.

as far as the swine flu: you got it right. pandemic my arse

Anonymous said...

I don't see the need for the panic either. I just thought you were confused about the definition of pandemic.

I thought was kind of strange that you hadn't looked it up. Its so not like you.

Looks like you're back to your old self now.