Thursday, April 02, 2009

Unintended time capsule

A while back I mentioned the recipes I had been typing up from the boxes of a couple of deceased family members.

I know that a recipe box is never intended to be a time capsule, but it's interesting, what I learned just by reading through and typing up recipes. Some I knew, some I didn't, but there are things people said and used that I don't know if someone just a few years younger than me would know about. I know I was googling a few of them.

Spry - a brand of vegetable shortening like Crisco - no longer made.

Sweet milk - milk straight from the cow, before removing the butter fat - closest available grocery store item is whole milk.

Tender quick - this is something used to cure meats - like salami.

Salad oil - your oil of choice, vegetable, canola, etc.

Moderate oven, fast oven, slow oven - 350°, 400°, 300°

Gas refrigerator - I had no idea these were even made, and am kind of confused as to why the gas part matters.

Some terms I knew; soda = baking soda, ice box = refrigerator, but I wonder how a generation beyond us might not know, or what things we currently use that they will not get. Given the current trend, newpaper clippings may go by the wayside, replaced by computer printouts.

But beyond any of that, my favorite time capsule style item was this sheet, which came from a box of Glad garbage bags:


nonsoccermom said...

Trash Fash. That is AWESOME!!

My grandma calls all vegetable shortening "oleo". I don't know if that was a brand name or what.

Carol said...

are they showing people how to literally be 'bag ladies'? hilarious.

I can only imagine what the next generation will know and not know. for example, my mother-in-law saw a toy rotary phone and realized my nephew wouldn't even recognize it as a phone. but they do have 'retro' toys now, basically everything we played with...

Aunt Becky said...

That is hilarious!