Monday, April 27, 2009

Well that was...breaky.

Today is Monday and is completely Monday-like. MONDAY WITH A VENGEANCE!

Landon was awake this morning at 4:45. The jerk. Nothing makes me later than waking up earlier than planned.

I drove into work thinking I had forgotten my sunglasses, which I happened to find on the passenger seat while gathering up my lunch bag. Monday morning eye-pain! For no good reason!

Also, I have no clue where my badge for work I got someone to let me in the building and on my floor and I can't leave the floor unless I go admit my lack of a badge to the receptionist, who will issue me a temporary one - which isn't a big deal, except they turn it off at the end of the day (as well as having turned off my real badge), so I have to tell them tomorrow also if I'm a total moron and still can't find it.


I did enjoy my blogosphere break, in fact it gave me enough relaxation about things to go places and enjoy them instead of taking pictures and wondering how I was going to tell this story and that story and not everything was about this damn blog. And that's how it was in the beginning, and I liked that. We went to Clint's cousin's graduation party on the 18th (super yummylicious crawfish) and I didn't even take my camera out of the car. Never mind scary drive over there with the flooding and the rain, and the ant bites that still haven't completely disappeared 10 days later, it was an awesome experience, to somewhere.


bernthis said...

i have too many days like that one. lost a pair of sunglasses that I actually spent real money on, i was heartbroken

Aunt Becky said...

Your day sounds like mine.


Glad you're back, duder. The Internet missed you.

kbreints said...

Yeah... blogging is a sleepless *job*....

Glad you are back too!

STQ said...

Loved the pics of your sweet kiddo the past week or so, but glad you're bloggin' again!! Welcome back.