Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Remember when we were kids, and we got a virus, and the doctors used to give us antibiotics? Even though what s/he was really doing was have us wait 10 days for the virus to run its course? Or maybe, they knew that the virus would give way to an infection and we’d need the antibiotics to fight that off.

They said we were over antibioticized. So they’ve stopped doing that.

Now we leave the doctors office with nothing more often than not. But we make more return trips, because whatever it was gave way to something else, and now – we need medicine.

Landon got taken to the Doctor yesterday for the 3rd time this month. (We are totally making good use of our insurance this year.)

The first time was his 18 month check up. The second time was because of a cough he had picked up (probably while there for his 18 month check up.) And yesterday, because 3 weeks later, he still has that cough.

He held on to it for so long that he managed to get a throat infection. An infection that probably could have been prevented by some antibiotics given at that second appointment.

At any rate, after 3 weeks of this, I'm ready to go back to this:


nonsoccermom said...

UGH. I so hear you on this. My little one is STILL hacking and coughing after the "7-10 days" in which this viral junk was supposed to have run its course. If she isn't over it soon, back to the doctor we go. Hope Landon feels better!!

Aunt Becky said...

Hope that he feels better soon.


Someone's always sick, aren't they?