Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hooters and Penises

Apparently it takes a real man to become maid of honor. Or, you know, .... a bride. Dang that picture is dark...I can't seem to fix it.

We went to Hooters and to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night. Hooters has crawfish. But do they have any signs saying that they have crawfish? No. Apparently I'm just supposed to magically KNOW they have crawfish. But I didn't. Not until we ordered already and then someone else's order of steamy crawfish came out. So we asked how long they would be serving crawfish...and we got this answer..."until the end of the season." THANK YOU CAPTAIN OBVIOUS...we were kind of looking for "Usually the middle of May." Or "The end of April." Or even "We're almost at the end of our supply, so only a few more days." Because, "Until the end of the season," does not help a person to know that they could come back next Tuesday and get some yummy mud bugs.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was a really funny movie. There was entirely too much male frontal nudity and I may never see Marshall from How I Met Your Mother in the same light again. But it's totally worth it for the Muppet Dracula Opera if nothing else. Plus Kristen Bell (from Veronica Mars) is totally awesome. We also noticed that some of the trailers contain scenes which are not actualy in the movie.

Any the only movie goer issue I had this time was the guy behind us who apparently wanted to talk through the entire previews. Some people actually want to see and hear those. But whatever, at least he shut up during the actual movie.

And the timeline year was 1986. Congratulations to The Modernish Father. My mother also got it right, but she emailed me privately, cause she cheated!

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Aunt Becky said...

I'll have to check that movie out. It sounds hilarious.