Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Did you pick the right faucet?

One of the many many many projects we did with our income tax return was to replace the kitchen faucet.

We have hard water, and there was so much build up of calcium deposits and stuff that you had to turn the faucet off in a specific way or it just dripped and dripped and dripped.

So we picked a new faucet with the many features we prefer. It's taller, it has 2 handles instead of the one lifty thing on top (that's a technical term). But if there was any doubt as to whether we picked the right one or not? It was gone when I read the instructions for installation.

How could a faucet installation guide which includes cursing not be the clue that you got the right faucet?

And also the encouragement to spit and take a break! And some warnings you'll never find in most of the bland faucet installation instructions.

And here's where I turn into a big tease, because I took pictures of the new faucet...and they're no longer on the camera. I have a whole "where'd your income tax refund go?" post to do, but it'll probably be early next week.


nonsoccermom said...

That's awesome! How come nothing I buy ever has fun instructions like that? Of course, we buy a lot of stuff from IKEA and those instructions don't even have words. Just Swedish stick figures.

Becky said...

High-freaking-larious. I love misprints like that.