Monday, April 21, 2008

Dude, where's my camera?

Unfortunately I believe it's probably on my kitchen counter.

We went to GBC this weekend to visit the Wood side grandparents. It was such nice weather we spent a lot of time outside. Landon played in his sandbox, he tried to pick every one of those little white onion-y smelling flowers in the yard.

And after watching Grandpa Wood open the gate just once on the back porch? The back porch is no longer baby proof. Fiona allowed him to think he was in control of her while he held the leash, she never even pulled, and she just stood nearby and walked where he walked.

There was some minimal drama - Scarlett got her leash stuck between the boards on the porch and nearly choked to death. It took two of us tackling her to get her to relax her front legs so we could get her free. Lesson learned, leashes come off on the porch now.

Landon's great-grandparents were celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary this weekend. So the family surprised them by coming to church with them.

Grandma had made Grandpa and Landon matching shirts - which they both wore to the service. They were both very handsome. I have a picture, I promise.

It's such a small church, they sang Happy Birthday to someone and then to the same tune, Happy Anniversary to them. There was clapping, which Landon joined in on exactly 30 seconds after everyone finished.

He got to put the money in the offering plate, except he likes to put stuff in other stuff over and over again - it's a constant struggle to get him to STOP FEEDING THE DOGS please! And he followed the offering plate down the row; he wanted to put more money in. Or more likely take back that money and put it in again.

I tried keeping him busy with the prayer request cards and fans and the hymnals. And when that failed, vanilla wafers. Except that he kind of wanted everyone to know how great the cookies tasted. Shrieking joy!

He was only able to contain himself for about half the service, and then we retired to the parking lot, as there were a lot of birds to chase and rocks to rearrange - in fact we still have one of those rocks - it was the only one he did not want to throw back down - nothing like stealing from the church.

We tried to come back in, so I could hear some of the service, but that was when he discovered the joy of pushing the buttons on the water fountain. It's quite exciting to push a button and have water shoot out of the little hole! We should tell people, they might not know! So we had to go back outside.

He fell asleep on the way back to the house, where we were supposed to have a family lunch, but his sleepiness made up our mind to head on back to Houston.

Of course, he didn't stay asleep for long, and about half way home decided his shirt was bothering him, so he rode the rest of the way half naked.


nonsoccermom said...

Ha, what a fun age. Everything is SO! EXCITING!

Becky said...

I love this age very much. Can't wait to see the pictures.