Thursday, December 13, 2007

A whole lada nada

I have been knee deep in a Christmas present preparation this morning, so I didn't get around to posting anything or thinking of anything to post for that matter. And I shut my laptop down before I got any pictures off of it, but none are new anyway, so you'd be disappointed, I'm sure.

So...we have Shrek the Halls on DVR. And after the Charlie Brown debacle - I'm very afraid to watch it. I'm just sayin'. So help me out, if you've seen Shrek the Halls - should I bother with it? I loved Shrek 1 and 2 (Our dog is named Princess Fiona for goodness sake) I haven't seen Shrek the Third. I've just very scared.

Still waiting on PE results - if they follow the same schedule as they did for April, I am looking at December 21. If they follow the historical norms, I'm looking at December 27 or 28.

Since someone decided not to nap last Friday, we did not make it to Santa. We'll be trying again tomorrow, we have a little business in the mall (shudder) . If we go early enough, he should still be in a good mood. We took him around the street in our neighborhood that does a big light display. Lots of Lights, 12 days of Christmas, Santa sits out there at some point...maybe on weekends? He wasn't there, but they have a mailbox for letters to Santa. He loved it. He was talking and pointing the whole time.

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Becky said...

I caught the tail end (and I mean that) of Shrek The Halls. Seemed pretty cute, but I was distracted, so who knows?

Good luck with holiday stuff. I'm knee deep in it myself. I wish I could pay someone to wrap my presents for me.