Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Small Change - November

You can probably guess what the Small Change challenge was supposed to be for Novemeber, even though I didn't say anything about it.

Yeah, so I didn't manage to even bring in canned goods to work, where they were collecting them.

What I did do was buy a package of Christmas cards from the Children's Art Project. The one I talked about here.

Not only are they cute cards, with pictures drawn by children participating in the project. They came with an extra envelope. These people know me! I bought mine at Kroger, they were on display near the self check out registers, but I've seen them in other stores too.

Clubmom is shutting down their blogs at the end of the year, so Beth at Playgroup dropout's blog will disappear - she blogs elsewhere, but I don't know if she's going to continue the monthly challenge thing or just let it go. I'm going to keep doing it. At least something, every month. For now it's as easy as writing a check, or bring stuff in to work when they have collections. But as Landon gets older, I want it to be more visible to him.

Anyway, December's challenge? I'm pretty sure you can guess it. Help someone in need have a better Christmas. At work we adopt a bunch of families and you can pick an "ornament" off a tree and get an assignment of what/who to buy something for. At nearly every store, there's a box where you can drop a toy to be donated. One day, I'd like to help with Elves and More and put bikes together. It's just not in the cards this year though.

It's a little late for this one, but something to consider for next year: An extended family adopts a family of 4, instead of buying adults presents. So for example, a set of 4 siblings and their spouses would spend $20 on each of the other 6 people normally, so they would put $120 towards the adopted family. Each family draws a name, they are responsible for buying that person gifts. A few weeks prior to Christmas, you meet up and have a wrapping party and unveil what you bought for the adopted family. It has the element of surprise, look what we bought! It has wrapping paper! It's everything Christmas! And put any left over money into a grocery gift card so the family can have a nice family meal.

Any other ideas out there?

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Carol Tucker said...

One idea I had this year is supporting other non-profit, worthy causes with purchases. Example: I received a poinsettia this year, and it had a note attached saying "This plant was grown by a mentally challenged client. 100% of revenue from this item will help subsidize programs offered by Bridgewood Farms" (its located in Conroe, TX. I am not sure how to FIND such organizations, but would rather give my money to a group that helps people rather than to just big business.

Other ideas: help at animal shelters, there is some training needed and he'll need to be I think 13, but can be some good help to homeless pets. Lots of opportunities out there.

Sorry it took me so long to reply - I had to find the tag....Merry Christmas~!!