Monday, November 26, 2007


The weekend was good. Cold and wet, but good. We did cut our trip slightly short due to the weather, but that allowed us to recover at home for a full day.

I may actually achieve my goal of being done with Christmas shopping before December 1st. No, seriously. We have 2 more people to buy for.

And one day, we're going to have weather good enough to take pictures for Christmas cards...I hope. Because so far, I've got a lot of pictures, but none I want to plaster on a Christmas card. And send out to everyone I know.

We took Landon on a drive through one of those parks with all the Christmas lights. We were a little scared he'd react like he did to the horse, the turkey, and the dancing snowman. But he loved it. "Www-oooo-www." And I thought he'd be less impressed with the tree at home. But he wasn't, that's "wwwwwooowww" too. Although somewhere within the weekend he got the idea that presents are for opening. Right now! Who cares if it's for your cousin Zoey or Aunt Kath-o-leen, it's a present, let's open it.

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