Tuesday, November 20, 2007


We had our annual Thanksgiving luncheon at work today.

As usual - very good BBQ.

Landon liked the big flags hanging from the rafters in the arena. He liked the roll and the mashed potatoes. He liked the guy dressed like a pilgrim. Well, I guess technically he liked his hat.

Landon did NOT like the person dressed like a turkey. Which, I guess we should have predicted, since he does not like large stuffed animals, and he does not like it when you "make the animal talk." We had a heck of a time walking past a 3 ft tall stuffed horse that was neighing in Target the other day. Serious mental trauma. Anyway, larger than life talking turkey? DO. NOT. WANT. Thusly? No pictures.

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The Modernish Father said...

They've got one of those horses on display at our local Target, but it's out of order. (Not the best advertisement, but whatever...)

The Boy tried feeding it the toy carrot and when it didn't do anything, he pronounced "a dumb girl toy."