Thursday, November 08, 2007

Christmas Shopping will be fun this year

Hey, guess what? Another recall? But, even better than developmental delays caused by lead paint. This one actually poses a risk of coma! And death! (It's Aquadots, FYI in case you didn't click that link.)

So as you look down the aisles at Target and watch, people now pick up toys and the first thing they look for is whether it's made in China. Then they look for how much of said toy is painted. Wanna know a secret? 99.9% of toys are made in China and painted.

You can hear the murmurs of parents asking about whittling lessons as they huddle scared in the corners of the stores. We may be returning to a time when children were given fruit instead of toys at Christmas.

I for one, say - don't be afraid. Proceed to your kitchen section and purchase a spatula, or a spoon, or a big plastic bowl, or a colander. Bamboo trivets, pot holders, 16 oz plastic cups, and cookie tins. All of which are inherently more fun than expensive toys...apparently.

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