Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A productive, expensive weekend

My brain is scattery – I probably didn’t get enough sleep, this is not the flowy post you’re used to.

Landon’s paternal grandparents were supposed to come this past weekend. But it didn’t work out, so in retaliation we spent a ton of money instead. I can’t remember exactly what we spent money on during our Saturday outing, but I remember telling Clinton that my head was about to explode and we needed to go home before we spent any more money.

We got in the hot tub on Saturday night. Which was nice, and Landon really enjoyed it too.

I had compiled a list of things I wanted to get done, and figured I’d have time, what with the extra entertainment for the dictator, and my arms being free to say…put away the Christmas decorations. Of my list, only one thing got done (and it was not the Christmas decorations, or Valentine’s Day stockings as I’ve been affectionately calling them – I guess that makes them Easter stockings now.) I did finish and submit our taxes. We did get other stuff done and had a very productive weekend anyway.

* We hung Landon’s swing on the back porch.
* We trimmed the sago palms and sprayed them for scale.
* We repotted a plant we got from Julie – oh the irony…it’s a money tree (you’ll see.)
* We repotted a plant I won at Kandi’s bridal shower
* We miracle gro-ed all our potted plants.
* We put Tiki torches around the pool
* We replaced one of the skimmer baskets in the pool
* We sprayed the clear coat on the mosaic armadillo and cow skull

(When I say “We”, it’s code for “I watched while Clint…”)

We spent a lot of time outdoors this Sunday, which was nice, it was a really pretty day. Our goal is to try and do that more often, 1 or 2 nights a week when the weather permits, have dinner outside, and when it warms up, swim a little. Landon seems to really enjoy being outside, and who can blame him?

Anyway, after a weekend of spending money and doing house projects, having done only about half our laundry…our dryer died. Just when Landon had already worn all his feetie pajamas that fit and they were soaking wet in a sad little pile in the bottom of the dryer. It smelled like burnt copper. Apparently that’s what money smells like when it’s leaving you. Clint took the clothes to Jay’s to put them in their dryer, and I picked them up Monday night when I pick up Landon.

Monday night Clint took the whole dryer apart and tested parts of it. Motor is blown, according to the internet a blown motor in a Maytag also means a blown circuit board, and based on prices of parts, even if we could fix it ourselves completely, we’ve almost spent what a new dryer costs. So…we went dryer shopping, and ultimately decided to give it one more day and sleep on it. When we returned to Lowe’s on Tuesday night to make the purchase all the dryers were moved around. Apparently ours is the old model as of Tuesday and therefore $50 cheaper. SWEET!! Finally procrastination works in my favor.

So my cushion in the bank account now looks like a big white box with knobs and a little door. Goodbye, money.

The upside is that maybe this new one will alleviate us of having that faint cat urine smell in the utility room while we dry clothes.

Oh and someone killed a bird and left it on the driveway for us. I don’t want to name names, but I have a few suspects.

(Oh and hey, check out the side bar, I got to delete some stuff!)


The Modernish Father said...

Easter stockings?!? What ever happened to Shamrock Socks for St. Paddy's Day?

The Irish Mob

Mom said...

That floating picture is great. It reminds me of a poster I have. Maybe we could make it into a poster!