Saturday, February 03, 2007

Monthly Newsletter #4

Dear Landon,

Wow, what a difference a month makes. In an effort to keep your nasal cavity clean, this month you’ve been home 99% of the time. Your cousin Ashley and Grandma Logan have been taking care of you while I go to work. It’s quite possibly the best arrangement EVER. But as it is, all good things must come to an end.

I’m not sure who to give credit to, but one of them got you to lay still for diaper changes instead of flipping and trying to scoot away with your naked butt up in the air. This was cute at first, but oh so annoying after a while. Grandma said she’s been working on singing and sticking your tongue out, you’re still not really doing anything when anyone else thinks of it, and most of your feats seem to be complete accidents and you even shock yourself. Grandma said one day she put you in the bassinet on your tummy and when she came back to get you that you were on your back. You’ve done it a few times for us too. They also got you to take a pacifier pretty reliably.

You went to your first Girls’ Night Out dinner this month. Where I became that woman who brings her child into a restaurant lets him scream and doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. Everyone took turns trying to make you happy. Myra was most successful, but you certainly let her know when she changed her bouncing pattern and it wasn’t to your liking. You should know that it’s privilege to come to that and if you’re going to keep up those kinds of antics, you won’t be invited. Also, one day your Daddy will feel confident enough to keep you at home while I go by myself! Oh sweet freedom, I can almost taste it.

You went to your first (and second) basketball game. Dylan’s team won both times, and aside from that whole pesky being tired and hungry at the first one, you did pretty well. The noise and movements kept you busy for the most part. And your cousin Dylan was super excited that you came.

Your dad spent about a week with your Grandparents, so you got a taste of what life would be like if you only had one slave. I think you went pretty easy on me, which I totally appreciate, but it also didn’t go unnoticed that upon his return you realized you need to ramp up your demands so that you could keep us both busy. You wouldn’t want a slave to have a break and say…groom themselves or anything.

Starting on Monday you will be staying during the day with your not-so-distant cousins. You’re going to have to be nice to Linda. Right now she thinks you’re very cute and sweet, and we don’t want her to know otherwise. You and Noah will have a great time playing during the day, and hopefully you will be nice and tired when I get you home. Because we all know I could use the rest.


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