Sunday, February 18, 2007


Or toof, anyway. Landon cut his first tooth on the 13th. He’s been drooling since, well – it seems like forever. And his doctor said he’s a little young to be cutting teeth, and that it was probably his salivary glands forming and that he just didn’t have teeth to hold back the saliva. Well, various sites on the internet say between 4 and 7 months. So we’re in that window. The emergence explains quite a few behaviors: the drooling, the facial rash, the fussiness while eating, the weird sleeping patterns and the constant bringing things to his mouth to chew on. Two days ago he started pulling on his ears – which is also a sign of teething, but I was more afraid that it might be an ear infection. Anyway, no ear infection.

The culprit

So we went out and bought the toothpaste for babies and the little rubber finger thingy. Landon LOVES his toothpaste. I squirted a tiny bit on the little finger thing and stuck it in his mouth. As I started trying to maneuver around getting all his gums and the top of the pretty little white tooth, he sucked so hard, that he sucked the little finger glove off my finger.

I fought with him over it while I tried to finish the process, but when I was done, and I took it out of his mouth for good…oh the HORROR!!! How dare I!

The next time didn't seem so traumatic when the toothbrush was taken away:


Beth Logan said...

That is hilarious!! I hope he continues to take good care of his teeth even after it does not involve your finger. Can you believe that everyday is such an adventure for him?


nonsoccermom said...

SO CUTE. We used that on my little guy and he loved it too! I miss those he's squirming all over the place and/or clamping his mouth shut when I try to brush his teeth.