Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Remember that do good thing over in the side bar? Yeah, well, it’s the second Wednesday of the month, so I’m talking about what I did.

I went out and bought valentines to send to the January kids. I signed them and sent them off and I kind of felt like I was cheating, because it was too easy.

So then, we had this little debacle with the Girl Scout Troop meeting for last week, and no one remembered whose turn it was, so I thought – AH HA – perfect timing. This time, we’ll do it for the February kids. So during lunch the day of the meeting I went out and bought Valentine making stuff. I bought blank card thingies, valentiney paper, some foam hearts that stick on, and some stickers. Also some funky scissors, some glue sticks, and some new markers, cause let’s face it, when you have a girl scout troop for 4 years, a $7 package of markers will only last so long. In the girls’ defense, the ones we have left are in pretty good shape – but since I throw away 3 or 4 capless ones each time we use them, their color choices have been decreasing by the meeting. But, I suppose every 3 years I could splurge and buy some new ones.

So I took my newly bought stuff home and went to work. Now I’m not a super duper scrappy booky gal. Landon’s scrapbook is pretty much, the fancy paper and the little black corners – and at the moment, only goes through his first month. But I only had about 10 minutes in which to create a “go by” card, because this evening, I’m going to have my hands full. So I used the first pair of funky scissors I grabbed to cut out a small rectangle and the next pair to cut a smaller rectangle and regular scissors to cut a heart each out of a different paper. I arranged them on top of my card, along with 2 foamy hearts and I got this:

On the inside, I just wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day.” But I think it turned out kind of cute. Here are some pictures of what the girls created. I had them each make 2, they could each pick 2 kids and or 1 kid and take one home. I’m putting them in big envelopes with a letter from the troop. I'm very impressed with the girls' creations:


Beth said...

Those cards are gorgeous! Thanks for participating. :)

Diane said...

Outstanding. Beautiful work.

Lisa said...

I love those cards. I am pathetic. I bought all the supplies and then never got around to making any. I had to go to the store and buy one. Maybe next year?