Monday, November 03, 2008

Monthly Newsletter #25

Dear Landon,

Today you turn 25 months old. Your monthly milestone achievements are a little more subtle. You are still so much of a baby, but growing so quickly into a real little person. A person with opinions and wants, and a little person who wants nothing more than to help do whatever it is the grown-ups are doing.

This month has been a bit of a trial for us healthwise. You have had a cough for nearly the entire month, for which the doctor finally gave us antibiotics to hopefully clear out whatever is causing it. We ate dinner with your Grandma Wood this past Thursday, she was in town for the quilt festival. And immediately upon arriving home each of the three of us succumbed to what we now believe may have been food poisoning. Your bout was brief. You must have gotten rid of it all in the one puke. All over me.

Daddy and I suffered through the night and then Friday afternoon made the decision to send you to Grandma Logan’s for Halloween. I was pretty upset because I wanted to be with you for your first trick or treating, but I knew that I was in no shape to walk next door, much less all the way around the street. I hope this is not an annual illness, but it is eerily familiar. As it turns out, you refused to leave the house or put on your costume for trick or treating, so next year I will get to take you on your first trick or treating expedition anyway.

Your day care progress is unbelievable. Your original teacher left after a couple weeks, the replacement teacher left a few weeks ago. The new teacher, it seems is a dream. I get a better vibe from her, but more than that, when asked if you want to go to school and see Ms. Ashley, your face lights up! This morning, you walked in on your own two feet. You went straight to Ms. Keisha’s lap. Well, kind of, you made a slight detour and got another lady’s hopes up that you were coming to her, but nope. Anyway, there were no tears. It was awesome.

I should also note that your day care is teaching you sooo much stuff. I love it. I love that you are asking what things are, I love that you are repeating things. I love that you are so interested in everything around you. I hope you can hold on to that level of curiosity.
Currently, your sentence structure isn't quite right, but it will get there. I think it mostly stems from a lack of known verbs. You're more about nouns. Like if you want juice. it's "Juice. Me." And while on paper that sounds ultra demandy and kind of snotty, it's very very cute, and very often, without prompting, you even say "tink coo," (that's "Thank You" for the uninitiated.) when you get what you ask for.

Your self sufficiency training is going well, although sometimes it seems you become the parent. Case in point, this morning I had you completely ready to go to school. Windbreaker, backpack, all set to walk out the door. When you tilted your head and gave me a funny look. “Jacket?” I told you that you were already wearing your jacket. “Mommy, jacket.” Oh, mama needs her jacket. “Yesssth.” We were not allowed to leave until I was wearing my jacket. Thank you, for looking out for me.

I have no requests this month, except you know, quit getting me sick.



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Anonymous said...

One good thing about day care. Eventually you will develop your immune system to cover all the bugs that are resident at the day care.

And so will he so that when he heads off to school, he won't spend most of his Kindergarten days doing that.

There will still be some, but not as many.