Thursday, November 06, 2008

Prepared, doesn't mean results

Last night we went out to dinner with my Great Aunt and Grandmother. I emptied the camera before leaving the house in anticipation of some good family type pictures. We ate at a restaurant at a small airport. With small planes. And helicopters. (Landon, how do you land a plane? "Down!!") And I have no pictures of any of it because my camera never left my purse. GAAAAAAAAAAH!!

Here's a few pictures from the month. They'll have to work for now.

Why yes I do allow my 2 year old to climb up the slide.

He's also got the GQ pose down.


Emily Reske said...

OMG!! That GQ pose is awesome!!! Landon is a cutie!

Carol said...

climbing up a slide sounds like a great way for him to have fun and get tired all at the same time. would you believe I just saw a work out idea involving playground equipment? he's ahead of his time.