Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where's Waldo

Just in case you thought this kind of hiding was relegated to cartoons and ostriches.

It is not.


The Modernish Father said...

We were down in LJ last weekend and I was appalled to see that the city had already busted out the light trees.

I'm a firm believer that Christmas decorations shouldn't go up before Thanksgiving. Certainly not before Halloween. And don't get me started on "Christmas in July" crap.

And I hate the Festival of Lights too.

Kristine said...

We weren't there after dark, are they lighting them? Or do they just have them out?

I also agree that pre-Halloween Christmas stuff is unacceptable.

Do you hate the festival of lights because every year for 4 years you were forced to don a blue toy soldier outfit and carry a big hunk of metal around downtown?

Mighty Em said...

I can't believe LJ already has the light trees out!

Awww, come on, the Festival of Lights is the high point of Christmas in Lake Jackson! Ok, maybe not...

nonsoccermom said...

I am also bothered by pre-Halloween Christmas decor, but Landon is precious. I am sad, however, to report that our 6-year-old hides in much the same way. He just doesn't get Hide and Seek at all.