Monday, October 20, 2008

Vacation per usual I was sick for our vacation. (I blame stress for weakening my immune system.) On Thursday after 12 days of coughing I finally broke down and went to see my doctor who said I had an ear infection, bronchitis and sinusitis. Woohoo antibiotics! I am on them now. I will be on them for another 4 or 5 days. Also, I can finally breathe.

Landon, because he's not blowing his nose, and therefore not blowing snot up into his ears, is actually recovering sans the antibiotics.

Landon had a fever Friday morning, so I didn't get to take him to school and lay around on the couch like I planned (or packing and grocery shopping). We were supposed to leave on Saturday but delayed due to the illness, at the time I was still hopeful to recover on my own, all the while sabotaging myself with the constant nose blowing. So instead we did our grocery shopping on Saturday and left Sunday.

We spent 2 days at Lake Limestone. The water was pretty chilly, but we waded and splashed around. We learned a few lessons - 1) you should probably plan a few activities if you're going to be out in the middle of nowhere. It gets boring pretty quickly. 2) You should take the truck since you have to take the trash with you when you leave, and it's pretty stinky sometimes.

We came home Tuesday morning, emptied the trailer that we needed to return to my parents, and took it back to Lake Jackson.

Wednesday, we returned about $75 worth of stuff to Home Depot and Lowe's that we had leftover from fence building. I called to see if my doctor could squeeze me in, and she couldn't. So I made the appointment for 8:15 on Thusday. Surely we did something else on this day, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was.

On Thursday morning, I went to the doctor and Clint went to work. What? You thought he could actually go a week without going into work? HAHAHAHAHA. He spoke to people at work every day. Thursday afternoon we went to IKEA and bought Landon a small table and chairs and a bookshelf. We put them together and put his name on the wall. We're one decorated wall away from finishing our 2 year-old's nursery.

On Friday we met with the window guy to see about replacing our cheese grater style windows with some that will actually keep the cool air inside the house. Clint cleaned the garage, I cleaned gutters, we finally got around to fixing the shutter that blew off in Ike, and we bought thermostats that we can program.

On Saturday we went to the Brazoria county fair. We saw all the animals, he did not care for the petting zoo, we ate corndogs and funnel cake and deep fried oreos and we had a heart attack on the way back out to the car. Alright, maybe not that last part. I missed out on a blog post opportunitiy about the judging of the art, since apparently a decently drawn panda gets 2nd place while someone who cut 6 hearts out of scrapbook paper and glued them to black construction paper got 1st. I didn't take the pictures I would have needed for that post.

On Sunday we bought a truck load of mulch and mulched about 1/3rd of what needs mulch in the back yard. Landon played with his croquet/golf set, and when told to put the ball throught the arch, he pulled the arch up and arranged each one over a ball.

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Aunt Becky said...

Feel better soon, my friend. These colds are the pits.