Thursday, October 02, 2008


  • Landon started day care.
  • Ike came.
  • Loss of power for 5 days.
  • Impromptu road trip around Texas.
  • Fence down, requires dealing with an ornery neighbor.
  • Fence propped up, but not necessarily stable.
  • People are told to return to work.
  • They moved my computer, but not my phone.
  • Day care has no power.
  • No one has supplies for fence building.
  • Day care still has no power.
  • Work related stuff has a deadline which cannot be met after a week off.
  • Fence guy thinks he can become billionaire on my dime.
  • Fence down completely.
  • Fence still down completely.
  • Landon is sent home from school with a fever, not to return until 24 hours post non-medicated non-fever.
  • Fencing supplies everywhere you look.
  • Get notice that Landon's main teacher is leaving the school.
  • Attend work related meeting/interview where I am officially responsible for bringing a massive project ending (if it weren't already being built) sized problem to light and they'd like to know what the hell happened to get us to that point.
  • Birthday party coming up on Saturday - have bought 4 plastic tablecloths and candles in preparation and nothing else.
  • Work related stuff gets put off to late next week.
  • Fence still down completely.
  • Discover neighbors are trying to take over ornery neighbor's yard 6 inches at a time.
  • Work related stuff gets pushed up to early next week.
  • Fence supplies dwindling.
  • Landon comes home from Day Care covered in bright orange paint, and I have no orange painting to show for it - nor do they fill out the section of his sheet that is supposed to tell me what he did all day.
  • Friend building fence gets called back to work.
  • Again with the not telling me what he did all day on his sheet.
  • Brother in law coming to help finish fence.
  • Work experiences loss of water...I cannot even flush a damn toilet here.


Someone Being Me said...

Surely October will be better. At least there's Halloween candy, right?

The Modernish Father said...

Many times my son has come home covered in market or paint and with nothing to show for it. I've just stopped asking.

In fact, today's picture day at school so I'm sure the first thing he did when he walked in the classroom was pour a giant bucket of paint on his head or let one of little classmates give him a mustache with permanent marker.