Monday, October 06, 2008

Monthly Newsletter #24

Dear Landon,

So much has happened this month, it’s hard to know where to start.

You spent this month becoming 2. It is painfully obvious. Your objections to things not going your way have become extreme and punishing. I can no longer distract you with something shiny, or something with wheels. You pick up on the fact that I am not caring so much about how important it is to you to be able to run amok in the grocery store. Or that after switching carts 7 times to find the perfect cart, that I finally just haul you off in the green one, when clearly, your research has shown the blue one over there is so much better. It’s hard to reason with someone so unreasonable. I have been the recipient of many knowing head nods from veteran moms. I know I am not alone.

Linda got a job. You started this month in day care again. But it’s like starting for the first time, because I know you don’t remember that one month when you were 2 months old that we sent you. You are doing great. I know the transition will take some time, and I know it didn’t help that you went a week, and then were off for a week and then got sick and missed another half week. You seem to be happy there, except when I leave you, and when Linda doesn’t take you home with her.
As it turns out, Noah isn't doing so well there, and Linda doesn't seem to think it will be getting any better, not that she gave it much of a chance. She pulled Noah out of the class, unfortunately that means he won't be there with you, but on the bright side, I know you will make some new friends.

I think it’s a coincidence, so I’m not giving full credit to day care, but since you started day care you have exploded in terms of words you know. Not everyone knows what you’re saying, because of that whole enunciation thing, but I do. Words I didn’t know you knew. Words I truly did not expect from a 2 year old. Words like “bright,” “swimsuit,” and “tacos.” You call the dogs by name, or at least by nickname. You have a preference for “Feenie.” And I can’t say I blame you. Both of them love you, but Fiona is by far the gentler of two.

You survived your very first hurricane this month. Historically we shouldn’t have another awful one for 20 years, but if weather was that easy to predict the weather man wouldn’t be wrong 50% of the time and still have his job. It was scary, the noise from the wind and things falling, the lack of power, everything about the event was scary to you. Driving around the next day you said “uh oh, fall” about nearly every tree. You did get an impromptu visit with both sets of grandparents in the following week, so there was one bonus. But the stress of not having power, not knowing when we’d have power, not being prepared for the trip, all took its toll on us.

We are still dealing with the fallout from the hurricane, trying to get things fixed and back to normal as best we can. So…it has been a rough month, but a good one.


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nonsoccermom said...

Aww! Happy birthday, little guy!