Wednesday, October 08, 2008


To those with kids in day care:

Are your kids so thirsty when you pick them up from school that you think they may be dehydrated? Is that normal? Because he's been playing harder than he used to or something?

He drinks roughly 4 cups of liquid from the time I pick him up (about 5:30) until he goes to sleep (about 8:30). Which I think is kind of a lot for someone who only weighs a little over 30 lbs.

My solution thus far has been that I've been trying to bring a sippy cup of water for him with me when I pick him up, and if he sees it in the car he will practically crawl over me to get at it. If I don't have it when I pick him up, he's hell to deal with until he gets something to drink at home. Except he doesn't want something to drink once we get home, he's distracted by other more important things like...fissies or dogs or I don't know - telling me he's going night night as he lays on the third step. And as such becomes more and more thirsty and more and more irritable.


Marinka said...

My kids aren't in daycare, but have you spoken to the teachers about it? The kids may be so busy playing that they forget to drink, maybe?

nonsoccermom said...

Hmm. No, I don't recall ever having that problem. I agree with Marinka, maybe they get so busy playing they forget to take a water break.

Someone Being Me said...

Yes, I still get that with MDO. Bear drinks a lot normally so I think they just don't give him as much as he is used to drinking during the day.

The Modernish Father said...

Despite nonsoccermom's lack of recollection, I do remember our son going through a phase where he did the same thing. But then he grew out of it.

Good story, I know.

I think (in our case) it was a combination of:
A) Being on the playground right before pick-up
B) Teachers letting kids go to the water fountain unattended
C) My son's complete lack of water fountain skills. He'd get it all over his head, but very little in his mouth.

He would drain a couple of cups of water between the time he got home and dinner.

Mama said...

ummm...yes and no. Nat is always thirsty when I pick her up, but not to the point of disturbance. She had to get used to drinking at eating at the same time - not literally, but you know, at designated times. At home she would eat and then 20 minutes later, she would want a drink. So when they sat her down with snack/lunch/whatever, she would eat the food and leave the drink, then complain about being thirsty later. Eventually, we trained the teachers to remind her to stay put and drink her beverage after she was done with her food, and they trained her to do both in one "sitting."