Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life Flight

My eyes hurt from pressure behind them and I feel like any minute by brain is going to start leaking out from behind them.

After the pumpkin patch, we headed to the fire station to see if we could cause any trouble there. They were having an open house, so they had a bunch of ambulances, fire trucks and a life flight helicopter out for the kids to look at and climb on.

Hopefully this is the only time Landon ever sets foot on a life flight helicopter.

We arrived with perfect timing. Landon got to sit in the helicopter, and then they got a call. And he got to watch it take off. It was kind of exciting, and special bonus, helicopter is one of the sign language signs he knows, so he got to use it over and over again.

He sat on and in several fire trucks.

He sat in the front seat of an ambulance, when I set him down I told him not to push any buttons. And not a half a second later the EMS guy tells him if he wants to make a loud noise to push this button. And he wouldn't do it. So I did it and it freaked him out.

He did get to climb in the back and check out that stuff.

Last time he was in an ambulance it was kind of traumatic. Maybe not for him, but definitely for me.

Extra tidbits:

File this one under - could only happen to me. Since coming back to work here, I have not been certified in CPR or First Aid, nor have I had the fire warden training, but because I had all those things when I left, they went ahead and put the signs up above my office door to alert people that I have my credentials if they need help. I have been begging them for over a year to take those signs down because I am not certified. I finally broke down and agreed to get re-certified. I took the class yesterday. I told them I already had the signs. When I got back to my office the signs were gone. They finally took them down...while I was in the class getting re-certified.

One good thing Ike had to offer: Because I live in a county impacted by hurricane Ike, I get an extra 4 months to take my inspector exam. Which is good, because I was closing in on my deadline (11/18) having not studied quite enough to even pretend I could go take the test.

Every morning on the way into work I hear a commercial for Accountemps. Nerleman and his boss are always having a conversation in which it becomes apparent that Nerleman is a useless pile of dog dung and the boss has to bring in Bob from Accountemps to fill in for someone else while they're on vacation or after they've been promoted. It seems pretty clear to me that Nerleman needs to be fired. I wonder what kind of blackmail Nerleman has on his boss.


nonsoccermom said...

No, that could totally happen to me too. Figures.

Landon is just so cute!!

Anonymous said...

So, who did you vote for? I'm just curious. I had asked you in an earlier post during the RNC about your initial thoughts on Palin.