Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Monthly Newsletter #23

Dear Landon,

Holy bejeebus, you are talking. Not just talking, but saying things that people can like understand and translate into a more enunciated form of English. At this point you could probably take a job as a college professor and all the students would be able to understand you just as well as any of the foreign professors. You say “see you” to the dogs when we kennel them and leave for the day. You say “hi cow!” to all the cows (and horses) you see out the window when we drive by them. You say “Mom, dat’s oww” when something hurts you. You say “dorree” to the dogs when we tell you to tell them you’re sorry after you beat the crap out of them.

You are also starting to repeat what we say. Which isn’t going to fly at the Day Care in which we are about to enroll you. Uh…that’s probably something we need to work on, not so much that you need to. Miss Linda got a job, so we’re looking into Montessori Schools and day cares. We visited one with Miss Linda and Noah, you liked it, but we’re still looking at a few other. Everything is still very up in the air, but hopefully we will find a place where you and Noah will be in the same class at least for a little while. I don’t know how long this arrangement will last, but we have to consider it a permanent change at this point.

It also appears that wherever we send you, they may very well wean you of the bottle. We’ll see, you’re a little demanding when it comes to the bottle and even more demanding of how milk is delivered to your system. You have no issue with juice in a sippy cup, but clearly milk does not belong in a sippy cup in your mind. Ever. They would prefer you use a sippy cup for everything, but said a bottle is ok for a while. Rather than shake up your entire world at once, I will give them the bottles and the sippy and we’ll see what they do.

You are very curious. This will probably serve you really well in the future, so I’m trying not to dissuade you of it, except in cases of impending injury. It has come to my attention that you are now tall enough to reach your hand up to the countertop and get things within 3 inches or so of the edge. Pot handles in on the stove now. But it also means I can leave you a snack or a juice on the counter and you can swoop by and get it. It also means that you want to taste everything we eat, which is kind of awesome. You had your first cream of poblano soup, and your first corn on the cob this month. When you like something your eyes get big and you nod yes. Like a little food critic. When you don’t like something you spit it back out on the plate…which I guess is fine, eventually we’ll teach you to do that into a napkin. You seem to like the spicier foods too. Curry satay chicken is one of your favorites, as well as sausage.

Unfortunately along with curiosity comes responsibility, and when Daddy and I say you need to stop doing something, you don’t always do it. You have probably experienced more time outs in the last month than you have in the past year. We set you on the bottom step of the stairs and you…actually stay there. It’s amazing! You know you’re in trouble. When we go to get you out, you give us hugs and tell the dogs sorry (since normally what you are punished for is hitting the dogs.)

This month will be rough for you; you will be in a new environment during the week. I hope you are happy there, I hope having Noah with you will help ease the transition, and I hope that you will meet some new kids and find out that other kids are not so scary. I hope you are as excited about the new place, wherever it is, as you were when we went to check out the Montessori School. Last but not least, I hope you do not catch a cold which develops into Pneumonia. Oh, and try to learn something while you’re there.



nonsoccermom said...

Man, he's cute!! Can't believe he's almost 2!

Aunt Becky said...

I love the corn picture. I just turned Alex on to the idea of corn on the cob an he is pumped.