Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Landon did great yesterday. Although his sheet doesn't tell me what he ate for breakfast, I was assured he had indeed eaten breakfast; it's just that his teacher who fills out the sheet came in late.

His sheet says he played outside, he sang songs, he "Mr. Ralphed", he sat on the potty 3 times, although apparently just for fun, and he had like 7,438 diaper changes and/or checks. I am going to go broke if they keep changing his diaper that much, but maybe it will lead to potty training, so who am I to argue? It also says he was happy and active. Also, I can only assume Mr. Ralph was the music guy.

He had spaghetti and meatballs for lunch, and since they said no bibs, even if it hadn't been on the sheet, I'd have known by the shirt I sent him in - it was so messy; it was not the shirt I picked him up in. What do they have against bibs? I realize they're not doing the laundry, but jeez. He ate "most" of his peas and none of his roll. (Weirdo.)

I did get access to the web-cams yesterday right about the time they were taking a nap. And in the afternoon I peeked in on him, he alternated between standing and sitting still watching the other blurry little kids run around him, and playing by himself. Now, I did notice that the other kids didn't really seem to be playing with each other either, so no biggie. He played with some kind of paddle looking thing, and a baby doll for a while. He appeared to be giving the baby doll the chest compressions of CPR at one point.

He also appears to be a ladies man, when he did socialize with anyone it was girls. One girl hung out with him and each had a doll at that point, they walked the dolls around the room. And later when they put all the toys up and were sitting waiting for the teacher to start some kind of lesson, he and another girl entertained themselves by holding their feet and rolling backwards. It was hilariously funny, apparently. He did check in on Noah occasionally, but only briefly to find out if Noah had a toy worth playing with.

Anyway, after watching him a lot of the afternoon and not getting much work done, I was thinking we had made a good choice and all was well in whoville.

And then I showed up to pick him up. He was bawling on the teacher's lap. He saw me and ran to me, and he kept sobbing. It was heart wrenching. The teacher said he was fine until Linda came in to pick up Noah. And when Linda left without him, he was inconsolable.

I called Linda to ask if that was going to be her normal pick up time, so that I could maybe arrange my schedule to match, and she said she didn't know, that classes had let out early, they didn't have her computer and stuff set up and they had nothing for her to do, so she really didn't have much choice but to leave.

I asked him all kinds of questions about school and what he did. He said yes to everything. Did you have eggs for breakfast? Yes. Did you have waffles for breakfast? Yes. Did you learn about music? Yes. Did elephants come in and play with you? Yes. Did Miss Linda come and pick up Noah? Yes. Did you know Mama or Daddy was going to come back and get you? Yes. Why were you so upset then? Yes.

He drank a bunch of water, orange juice and milk when he got home. And by a bunch I mean, I was beginning to think he had been dehydrated. But bonus! he was so tired from all the playing that he went to sleep at a decent hour for the first time in like...forever!

This morning, we got there at 6:00. Landon didn't want to stay. Noah wasn't there yet and I waited around for nearly 20 minutes, but they hadn't come yet. I know it will take an adjustment period for him to get used to this. I know that a two year old isn't logical, and I know that eventually he'll run in like the other little kids do. But watching Miss Keisha hold him while he screamed his little head off as I pulled out of the parking lot this morning was enough to make me want to sell the house, downsize everything, and stay home with him.

Here's a picture of what his first day of school would have looked like, except that he was wearing a different shirt, and different pants, and he was asleep yesterday and I just located his backpack this morning. Maybe I'll start a new tradition and take his picture on the second day of school every year.

If you need me, I'll be studying for my inspector test.

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Someone Being Me said...

Yay for surviving the 1st day of daycare. The first day is always the hardest. I wish Bear's old daycare had one of those webcams. Although I doubt I would have gotten any work done all day.