Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike Ike Bo Bike, Banana Fana Fo Fike

Unless you're living under a rock, you know that Ike is aiming it's big fat fist at Houston. Actually it's the eye, but that sounds dumb, I'm menacingly aiming my eye at you!

So yesterday Clinton and I put everything in our backyard in the garage. Well, most everything. We're not in a flood plane, we're not in a mandatory evacuation area, we are going to probably see winds between 80-110mph. Which houses in our area are built for. We have a case of water, and when/if the water runs out and if we don't have electricity at that point, I will pack up the car and head out. To where? I don't know. But hopefully it won't come to that anyway.

It will be 10 am before most places in our area are going to make the call about whether they are closing on Friday or not, schools included, as of now, they have not canceled classes.

When we evacuated for Rita, we learned many many lessons. One of which was...don't go if you don't have to. A 24 hour car ride with 2 dogs was excruiating, I can't imagine adding a baby to the mix. And the possibility of one less adult as well (since Clint may be staying at work.) Rest assured, I will not be so bold as to stay when/if I think the conditions warrant leaving, and at the very outmost possibility, we have an upstairs window to rooftop, so I can climb out with Landon and the dogs and assuming the cats are even findable, and sit on the roof and wait for the helicopter. If I black out some of my teeth and wear a nightgown I might even get interviewed by the news!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Landon fix!!

Someone Being Me said...

They are already closing schools here and I am 2 hours inland. Crazy. None of my friends or family in Houston are leaving due to all the crap they went through with Rita. Hopefully this will be like Gustav and be all talk and not much action.

Aunt Becky said...

Yipes. Stupid Ike.