Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back to still not normal

Please excuse the lack of pictures this week. I am temporarily officed with a "partner." But only one Internet plug works, so I'm sitting at someone else's computer in another office, and downloading photos to someone else's computer isn't something I want to bother with.

The toll road is still not charging tolls, so I think people are all "GET ON THE TOLL ROAD WHILE YOU CAN FOR FREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" They are in my way, and I hate them.

Landon's school still doesn't have power, but they opened up their sister school (10 miles out of my way) to kids from his school. So until they have power we are packing his stuff that normally is in his cubbie every day. Not convenient, but way better than what we did yesterday.

Did you know how exciting it is to slam office doors and sneak behind desks and bang your fists and head on the wall of neighboring offices? We lasted 2 hours before I nearly killed him. Or he nearly killed himself, since he found the keys to the drawers in the desk and thought the electrical plus looks suspiciously like key holes.

He took a 20 minute nap on the way home. And then refused to take a normal nap at home. And then starting at 4:30 pm began screaming at me, but refused anything I offered him. And then at about 5:45 banished me from my own bedroom. "GAH, MOOOM, I'm trying to watch TV in peace, how dare you disturb me with your mere presence! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! GET OUT!!!!" By 6:15 he was asleep. And then he slept all night.

So I made the executive decision that we'd go to the sister school today. Even though I can't watch him on the Internet there.

I asked him this morning if he wanted to go to school and see his friends. He said yes.

The receptionist distracted him with fissies (fishies) while I made my escape. (I am sick of fissies, I have seen enough Nemo to recite the movie in its entirety.)

And here I am sitting at not my computer in not my office with little to no work to do. But...no one is screaming at me about my existence.


nonsoccermom said...

Yeah, any disruption in the routine can make kids extreeeeeeeeemely cranky. At least it does with my kids. That sucks. Hope everything is back to normal soon!!!

Aunt Becky said...

Yeah, both my boys NEED stability. I pay heavily when we don't follow The Routine.