Tuesday, June 17, 2008

News people make me cranky

I'm kind of cranky today.

Last night we were watching the news and several stories smacked of "This just in...water is wet!"

And is it just me or could they stop reporting how high oil could go. I mean, if I were looking to buy oil as a commodity and they were all - oh, it's still going to go up another $45 a barrel, I'd be all over buying that crap. Which means it will go up. Which means it won't go down. And if they'd shut the hell up, maybe, just maybe, it would at the very least become stagnant. News bastards.

And also, maybe I'm too cynical to watch the news anyway, because they want me to feel sorry for a woman who let her 2 small children (ages 7 and 3) play outside at the apartment complex, went inside to throw a load of laundry in and came back and the kids were gone. But then didn't report them missing until 9pm. So either, she was letting them play outside in the dark - which means she's crazy to begin with...or she waited a hell of a long time to report them missing...or you know - the truth - which is something happened to those kids and she didn't think of her cover story until 8:45. She didn't seem very upset on the video they shot of her. Which my insides tell me means that she knows where those kids are (whether they are dead or alive.)

Ok, maybe I'm not "kind of" cranky. Maybe I'm very cranky.

"This just in, my kid does actually speak, but not so much in words or anything."

He's talking about the ducks he saw and how you can see the playground from the little pier thingy in the park. What, you didn't get that when you listened? Listen again.


nonsoccermom said...

UGH, the news makes me incredibly cranky. That's why I don't watch it. I depend on my husband to give me the major headlines, edited for my weepy still-somewhat-postpartum self.

The Modernish Father said...

As a former "news bastard", I have to agree. Outside of election night coverage, I generally stay away from television news entirely these days.

The problem is too much time to fill, too many outlets to program for and not enough diversification in coverage to make it all work. Five different major cable news networks would be great if they weren't all pounding on the same exact story for 23 hours a day. We've entered the era of pile-on journalism.

Sometimes five minutes at the top of the hour is enough to cover a story. Let's move on. Flooding is horrible and gas prices suck, but other things happened today. Unfortunately, the lead story is often times the only story nowadays.

Anonymous said...

I got it. "Hey theres duck out there" I missed the playground part, but I definitely got the "up up" part. Must be the power of positve thinking!