Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Monthly Newsletter #20

Dear Landon,

Seriously? It’s been a whole month?

Ok…well, let’s see. You are beginning to say more recognizable words. Still not enunciating or anything, but definitely saying them. You don’t always remember that a “yes” head movement is up and down, and sometimes when you mean yes, you shake your head side to side.

You are all about legos. We went down a size to the duplo ones. Do you have any other toys? You don’t know. Or you don’t care. You are all about the legos. Putting them together, taking them apart. “Whatever, you are saying, I can’t hear you, I am playing with my legos.”

Also. Balls. Or “ball, balls” as you say it.

Never you mind that little ponytail you have. It's not something we do on a regular basis. You saw Zoey get hers and insisted on having one of your own. We obliged thinking you would rip it straight out. But you didn't. You wore it for a few hours, before you decided it worked better as a bracelet.

We took you to the zoo this month and while looking at the elephants you started hissing. “sssst, ssst.” We asked you if you were calling the elephants and you just smiled. Now every time you see a picture of an elephant or a toy elephant and we ask you how do you call an elephant, you make the “ssst, ssst” noise. It’s almost as cute as when we tell you to “hulk up” and you tighten your fists and lift your shoulders.

Your father and I found the secret to your shoe success. We went to the Stride Rite Outlet and bought 2 pair of shoes for the price of your last 1 pair of shoes. You did manage to wear that first pair for a long time, and I appreciate that greatly. We’re going to aim for the same this time around too. So let us have a couple months with your new shoes, that’s all I’m asking.


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