Monday, June 23, 2008

It won't be the last time they're blamed for something they didn't do

I yelled at Scarlett last Sunday for getting on the guest bed after getting in the pool and leaving a huge wet spot. I didn't want to consider what I thought was the alternative - which is that she had peed in the bed.

We were leaving town this weekend and I figured I needed to get those sheets and the quilt washed Wednesday night. And when I went to retrieve them, the bed was still wet. Very wet. And the dogs had not been in the pool. And they had been kenneled in their crates all day while we were at work. And they hadn't even been upstairs yet.

And that's when I noticed the spot on the ceiling.

And that's when I tore through the house to turn off the air conditioner. And I pulled the ladder down from the attic and I shined a flashlight on a VERY full pan of water beneath our A/C thingy.

So I stayed home from work on Thursday and waited for the A/C guy.

In a strange sequence of coincidences the main line of our A/C unit was plugged with something and slime, AND a piece of insulation had fallen into the secondary pan blocking the drain to outside, so when the main line overflowed into the backup pan, it just collected and collected until it overflowed.

And I have fallen in love with our new A/C guy - who came out the very next morning and cleaned it all up for free.

Now I just have to buy a can of Kilz and a little white ceiling paint.


We (the entire family) spent the weekend working on Clint's grandparents house as a mother's day / father's day / birthday present to them. Clint and I got there Friday and started on some things so that more could be accomplished on Saturday.

Clint's grandmother spent the majority of the day looking after Landon. The two of them had a great day. And she (unbeknownst to me until it was almost gone) gave him about a half a can of diet coke. And we all learned a great lesson. No caffiene. Possibly ever again. In fact, I may physically tackle anyone who tries. Otherwise they had a great day and he behaved really well for her, she even managed to get him to take a nap (pre-diet coke.)

On Saturday, the rest of the family showed up and we painted the house, there were light fixtures added, electricity was run, and limbs were cut. There was little to no drama, and the whole thing went really well.

Also, I took about 100 pictures this weekend. And 85% are grainy and blurry. I may need to spend some time with my camera.

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nonsoccermom said...

Oh my. A/C issues AND a caffinated child? I think my head would have exploded. To my knowledge AE has never had more than a sip of any caffinated beverage and I think I certainly WOULD tackle anyone who gave one to him.