Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wonder Killer (Organics)

Now, listen, this is not a REAL synopsis of how organics are grown. It's my own personal approach. I have linked to some sites that have real information. Feel free to click on those if you want real information.

My (limited) research tells me that this whole organic movement is due 97% to people who are deathly afraid of pesticides, preservatives, and hormones. The other 3% are just followers.

So let’s throw out some quick facts – Organic produce is harder to grow because the farmer has to be out in the field with it to swat the bugs with his hand instead of relying on a chemical to keep them away. Because it’s harder to grow, because it’s more labor intensive – what with all the hand swatting – it’s more expensive.

There is limited evidence to suggest that some behavioral problems – such as ADD and ADHD may be intensified by certain preservatives. Note that I did not say that the preservatives CAUSED the problem, just that it intensified it. Much like sugar or caffeine or crack might.

There is no evidence to suggest that hormones given to animals during their lifetime will be passed on to humans who consume them.

The organic side of the argument is very strongly opinionated, and the non-organic side is all “well, if it were cheaper, I’d buy organic, I’m not against organic.” There is limited evidence to suggest that people who buy organic eat less vegetables and fruits because they are more expensive and if that’s the choice, you’re better off buying non-organic produce and eating more of it.

In my unscientific opinion, if I am murdered (unsolved) and buried and they have to dig me up 15 years later, all the preservatives and pesticides will keep me in better shape forensically to solve my murder. You’re welcome future Cold Case people.

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