Monday, February 04, 2008

Monthly Newsletter #16

Dear Landon,

Of all the months so far, this one has been the hardest to write about. It’s not that you aren’t progressing or anything, but that I don’t have much in the way of documentation for it. See, normally I can pull up all of the months pictures and be like. Oh, you did this and this and this. And since you discovered the pictures on the back of the camera, you are not willing to let me take pictures or videos.

Your biggest achievement of the month shall not be discussed, lest it disappear into the cold dark night from whence it came. I will try to steer clear of it, and I think I can since you have a bunch of other non-documentable achievements. This month you have begun saying a few new things. Shoosh (shoes). Joosh (Juice). Bahbah (Bottle). But not on command, that’s for sure. You are not my trick performing monkey, you’ve made that very clear. Either that or you want people to think I’m a liar.

I tried to introduce an actual toothbrush to you, instead of the little finger do-hickey. You were not having it at first, but now you really just want to hold on to it. So I may need one for you and one for me. You’re still mostly all about just eating the toothpaste though. And who can blame you, strawberry banana has got to taste better than baking soda and peroxide.

Your curiosity is getting a little out of control, so we had to put up some barriers for your own protection. While I’m plenty observant, sometimes I have to pee. And in order to do that, I need to be able to leave you in areas of the house and walk away without wondering if you’re drinking dishwashing soap. So we (you and I) baby proofed the cabinets. As it was we weren’t keeping things in there that could really hurt you, but I’m leaning towards the better safe than sorry here.

You took your first bath in our tub without me in the tub with you. I may have left you in there a little too long, because I was trying to finish baby proofing the cabinets in the bathroom at the same time. And Oh! The joyous splashing that occurred. You were not happy to get out, but when I showed you just how pruney your feet were, you were totally engrossed in them and it made it all ok to get out.

You received what I hope will be your final Christmas 2007 present. It’s kind of obnoxious with the screechy music. In fact it makes any other noisy toys you have ever received sound like ocean waves, or the rainforest, or anything they make CDs of for relaxation. Even you think so, if someone turns it on, you cry and scream until someone turns it off. We separated the records from the main part and you like to play with them separately. Anyway, you have plenty of toys now to last you probably for a couple years, but I know that come October we’ll be dealing with a whole new onslaught. I’m just hoping that we don’t get any between now and then, or our house may just sink from the extra weight of them.

You have begun doing the most adorable kiss blowing. You lean forward, stick your bottom lip out as far as you can, and sometimes – if the other person is lucky – you pop your lips open. And then flash a smile. I love it. Please never stop doing that.

As you know, I normally have a request at the end of these letters for something for you to work on. This month there are 2 things really. First, please let me take pictures of you. One day you will want to see them – or your wife, or your child will. It’s that simple.

The second is that your news shoes? They cost us $50. Because you have extra wide feet. Not just wide feet, but EXTRA wide feet. Do you know who sells shoes that will fit your feet? Only Stride Rite. That's right. The only place we can get shoes that will actually fit your little duck shaped feet (without going online - since we have this thing about wanting to actually try on shoes.) And they cost more than twice what anywhere else sells shoes for. But they can, because they have a corner on the market of parents with children with extra wide feet. I'm not ready to spend half my day re-tying your shoes, and do you know the velcro alone costs an extra $20? Who knew? Please do not grow out of them for at least 2 months.



Becky said...


They look like marshmellows or sausages or something.

And I cannot believe how much extra they charge for those stupid shoes. It always burns me.

How funny that I meet someone with the exact same problem!

Someone Being Me said...

Awww...he is so adorable. Bear had his first solo bath tonight without the baby tub, bath ring, or someone in the tub with him. He had a blast splashing me while I sat outside the tub.

I can't believe his shoes are so expensive. I complained about a pair of New Balance shoes I paid 22.00 for.