Monday, February 18, 2008

Rosy what?

Hey, remember that fever last week?

Yeah, that one.

When we got home from work Thursday night, we had a pink kid. And I'm not talking about flesh colored pink, I'm talking a splotchy rashy pink. Kind of like this:

That's not him. I didn't take a picture of it on him.

We thought it might be a heat rash, so we gave him a little Tylenol. Friday morning it was pretty much gone, so I went down to do my errands in LJ. I told my mom about it and she suggested it might be a result of the same virus that caused the fever...and then she started saying funny words that started with "rosy" and I thought she was just making stuff up.

By the time I got back home, he was pink again. So I called the Dr.

His doctor said Roseola (sorry for doubting you, mom). He said that his symptoms, from the high fever to the rash, and even where the rash was, were typical. He said it was a viral strain similar to chicken pox, less dangerous, therefore not vaccinated for. He said kids normally get it right around 1 year of age. He said they are usually fine through the fever, but are ornery when the rash appears. He also said they are not contagious once the rash appears. Also, the rash doesn't itch and there's nothing you can do about it, but wait it out. And once you get it, you aren't supposed to get it again.

Oh, and ornery, means screaming for something. Then screaming at you when you give it to him. And then screaming at you for taking it back. And then screaming some more, just for good measure. Almost like returning to the days of colic.

By Saturday morning he was 100% ok physically, with only a little left over ornery.

By Sunday he was his normal demanding self.

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