Monday, January 29, 2007

Pictures Etc

Hey - does anyone who uses blogger know how to get it to show a strikethrough? When i do it in word and copy it, it doesn't show up here. Also - i'm not fixing that link in the last post - if you don't know that song, you won't get it from the link anyway.


Clinton is in Gun Barrel this week, his father is having his second knee replacement, so I'm experiencing single motherhood...which sucks. Anyway - he called this morning to request pictures be posted.


Intense basketball watching:

"Hey Scarlett, what are you DOING?!?!? Are you completely insane?"

"Give me the camera."

"That's enough pictures, WOMAN!!!"

"Mmmm, tasty."

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nonsoccermom said...

So cute! Looks just like his daddy, too.