Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Monthly Newsletter #3

Dear Landon,

What a month! I have to be completely honest with you, if we never have this kind of month again so long as we both live, I will be totally ok with that.

It started out kind of slow; in fact I had a hiatus from the blogging, because you were just not doing anything that interesting. We got your first round of shots, which you took like a champ.

Your latest trick is to rollover. They said you’d go front to back first, but you go back to front. I’m not terribly worried about the order or speed in which you learn things though. I don’t even own a book about when you should do things. People keep asking me “When will he XYZ?” And my only real response is “When he’s ready.” Although – whenever you’re ready to hold on to me when I hold you and/or sit up unassisted, bring it on!

You have turned into a new person this month. I get to see that smile that melts me more often – even in sickness. You will spend 30-45 minutes in a row being happy and talking to me – whereas last month I was lucky to get 10 minutes of that in row. You have shown moderate interest in a couple of your toys. My need for you to like some of them compelled me to pull all the ones I thought you might remotely like out into the loft to play with. Your father did not appreciate the mess I left behind, but I just wanted to make sure you got a chance to see them all and pick your favorite. He has no idea what’s in store for him in the future when we pull all your blocks and legos and Lincoln logs and little people and animals out and create a town in the living room.

We contracted our first illness from the day care. First you brought it home for me – a re-gift, if you will. Let’s not do that again. And then you got it. You were stuffy headed for 2 weeks – I kept doing the suctioning thing that the doctor said to do, and you just weren’t getting any better – but they said it would take time and as long as you didn’t have a fever we were doing all we could. Then the Friday before Christmas – because clearly we weren’t busy or anything and we needed some drama in our lives – the fever spiked and would not go away with Tylenol. Lots of firsts that weekend, with the ER, the ambulance, the X-rays, not to mention Christmas. Everyone was terribly worried about you. So much so, that you will not be in day care for at least the next month. And the whole experience has kicked my butt into high gear to finish what I need to do to go into the inspection business.

You are a trooper though. I was thinking that maybe I was a mean mommy, because it doesn’t really bother me when they poke you at the doctor’s office, but it makes your father want to break people’s necks for making you cry. Your Aunt Kathy pointed out that since I’m a very logical person and not a very emotional person, that I can see past them hurting you and see that they have to do it. It’s not like they’re hurting you for the fun of it, and if there was a way to do it without hurting you, they would. This just confirms that I’ll be the one in all your doctor appointments and emergency room visits from here on out. Also – given the choice between a shot of something and pills for 10 days – I’m totally going for the shot, and it’s not because I want them to hurt you, but because it will be a faster recovery and God knows I cannot give pills on schedule reliably – just ask our animals.

Your first Christmas was kind of anti-climatic after the ER visits that weekend. But you did get lots of good stuff. Fun stuff – stuff we can use to build that city in the living room, whenever you’re ready – just let me know.


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