Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fire Building

Fire building is wasted on this child.
Sure, he'll help carry the sticks to the pile.
And yeah, he's excited about flames and stuff.
And he likes blowing the marshmallows (where blowing = roasting.)
But then he refuses to eat the roasted marshmallows and doesn't even like s'mores. 
I mean, what's the point of building a fire if it's not to eat s'mores?


kbreints said...

such a little helper-- and uh not like smores?

Mama said...

I firmly believe there is no point to building a fire if not to eat s'mores

I might make an exception for a kid as cute as Landon, though

Carol said...

pretty good if he'll help without wanting to partake of the s'mores.....that is the only reason to build a fire...

yellowsnapper said...

Too funny, and too cute. I don't think I have ever met a kid who didn't like s'mores.

bernthis said...

Yeah, you might want to see a child psychologist about this. I once met a kid who did not like chocolate. I recommended his mom do the same