Friday, April 02, 2010

George Washington Carver

You know how you graduate from school and you think you'll never have homework again, unless you're some kind of take you work home with you kind of person - which I am not.

And sure I figured that eventually I'd have to help my kid with his homework, but I really didn't think that would hit at year 3.

So for the month of February (yes I am well aware of the fact that we're in April, thank you very much - remember that wagon I fell off of?) we were given a family assignment of taking a black history person and doing a half poster board display about them. So we got Geroge Washington Carver.

I learned a lot about him. Landon believes he's the guy who carved peanuts.


Anonymous said...

You mean he isn't the one who carved peanuts?


Then who did?


kbreints said...

What kind of school is your son going to?? SERIOUSLY? A THREE year old that they give THIS kind of homework to? CRAZY stuff!

bernthis said...

it gets so much worse, you won't believe it. I loathe finding out what mine has to next or should I say I'm going to have to do next

Anonymous said...

That does seem a bit crazy to ask a 3 year old to do. But the end result is cute.