Friday, April 16, 2010

One problem solved, 17,000 or so to go

I have figured out - via that test blog post - that I can email a post with an attached picture and update my blog from work AND include a picture, although I can't look at it after that and proofread or anything.  And I still can't read anyone else's blog - which is irritating - but I think I can work something out in the afternoons when I get home before I pick up Landon in order to keep up.
Anyway - quick cute Landon story before I forget it - and just know that now that I know I can put pictures on here through an email that I will be more prolific than I have been in the last couple months.
Each morning Landon watches a recorded TV show of his choice while I get ready for work and he wakes up.  This particular morning he was watching a Super Why about a Genie.  After the show he said he wanted a tattoo, I told him he could have one after he got dressed.  So he got dressed and I laid out the huge collection of temporary tattoos that he has to allow him to pick one.
He hemmed and hawed and finally picked one and I put it on his arm.
To which he responded lovingly "you made my wish come true!"
And my heart melted.


The Modernish Father said...

Viva la RĂ©sistance!

kbreints said...

Oh that is darling!

Carol said...

great story :) glad your test worked too...