Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Would you look at the time?

Ummm - they took away any and all bloggery at work. I can't even read people's blogs, much less write on my own.

Luckily I suffer from a bit of insomnia occasionally - although I rarely think - "hmmm 3am - sounds like a good time to blog!"

Except tonight (which is technically last night and I pre-dated this one) and also this particular stint is brought to you by guilt - must put up a monthly newsletter lest I be lynched by angry grandmothers around the state.


kbreints said...

Oh boo! how dare they want us to WORK at WORK! Who do they think they are anyway ;)

The Modernish Father said...

Don't get me started on companies that do that. Nothing says "we think you're all four-year-olds and can't be trusted with the scissors" than putting up a restrictive content filter. What a way to boost employee morale - punishing everyone because Debby in accounting looks at cute kitty videos all day at her desk.

Of course, it's easier than actually managing people and enacting workplace disciplinary measures for those that can't stay productive.

(And really don't get me started on people who get to take 15-minute smoke breaks every hour.)