Friday, October 16, 2009


* But not the pineapple kind.

* Landon has started saying "Talking is too hard." He says it when he is thinking faster than he can speak and his words are just not coming out. I keep telling him to just slow down and think of what he wants to say and then start talking, but he's not that keen on waiting.

* When I get on the Intranet at work, this chick shows up. Does she seem kind of creepy to you? Or is it just me? Or is it because she comes beside words that basically say "Big Brother is Watching You."

* Some genius at work, who shall remain nameless, mostly because I don't know who it is, who probably sits in an office with a door, decided that the cubicle farm was too tall and the facade of privacy is apparently too much for us lowly cubicle workers, so in a few weeks I'll be in a short cubicle where everyone can see my every move. I hope my cube neighbors like to see me pick food off my boobs after lunch and then pick my teeth.

* Landon has begun talking about his next birthday party. And the monkey cake it will require. And how he will eat it and it will be yummy. He actually began talking about the monkey cake a few weeks prior to the train party, but I squashed his little hopes and dreams like a bug, because I had already bought the train mold. And I am evil like that.

* In a couple weeks I'm starting a cake decorating class, that my in-laws have given me for my birthday, I think it'll be fun. I'm guessing after taking that class, she's going to want more help on the monkey cake than I was able to give her on the train cake. You know, like more than sitting there watching her do all the work.

* The good news is that I finally figured out how to throw an awesome minimal preparation party (Hello, Moonbounce Guy? Yes, deliver here please.), which means I can work on the monkey cake for hours! Also, balloon lady is so not necessary and also too expensive.


Aunt Becky said...

That chick is giving me the heebie jeebies.

nonsoccermom said...

I am extremely creeped out by the intranet woman. And the wording beside her. GAH.

Blah to life in a cubicle farm. They promised that our cube walls would be 8 feet tall (before we moved into the farm from our PRIVATE OFFICES). However, I can see over the top, flatfooted. And as you know, while I am tall, I am certainly not a giant and therefore my mad math skillz tell me that the cube walls are actually more like 5.5 feet tall. Bitter? YES.

kbreints said...

Yeah-- bad picture to put with the message... creeps!

And yuck... no walled cubicles? AGH! Would that not be even more loud?

The Modernish Father said...

Boo for cubicles. Been there, done that, not interested in it again (regardless of wall height).

bernthis said...

I've got that balloon bounce every year except this one and it is MAGIC! if you need to try out your "mistakes" from you cake decorating class, fee free