Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I prolly need

Landon has a new catch phrase, when he wants something, he starts his request with "I prolly need."

"I prolly need to put my shoes on."

"I prolly need help."

"I prolly need sumting for drinking."

"I prolly need another popsicle."

And when he starts saying things I always wonder where he picks them up. And then 30 minutes later I find myself saying "You probably need to go wash your hands before you wipe that stuff on my furniture." Ah well, better that than some of the other things I say.

His other current catch phrase is a little less endearing. It's "but I waaant to!" He uses it after we tell him no or that we have to wait for one reason or another. As if to say, "Maybe you people didn't understand, maybe you thought I just haphazardly thought of doing this, and what you need to know is that I am emphatic about wanting to do this."

Company Picnic

My company held a company picnic this past weekend. And since I'm trying to be more social and meet more people I and 7 other people went with our families. Okay maybe a few more than 7, but not many more.

We bored Landon with eating.

We bored him with a regular moonwalk - "Dis not a castle moonwalk like at my birfday party."

We tortured him with goats - "I want to go at the petting zoooooo!" [We had yet to locate it and so we were like, ok we're looking for it] "But I waaaant toooo." On finding said petting zoo, they handed us a small cup of goat food. And the goats KNEW we had it. So that turned into "THE GOATS ARE GETTING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

We asked about riding a pony - which he had no interest in after the goat attack.

He played on a playground - which we discussed how we could have done that at the park in our own neighborhood. And probably with a lot fewer people smoking within 2 feet of all the 2 and 3 year olds. Although we probably wouldn't have had the chance to ram the pregnant woman with a horse swing. Hey didn't your mom tell you the #1 rule for being near a swing set is to NOT stand in front of the other people who are swinging?

He played in a sandbox. Where he followed a kid around destroying the things he built as he built them.

He rejected cotton candy. And I questioned whether he was actually my child or not.

He ate a blue snow cone - or half of one anyway.

He started getting tired, we rode the hay ride, he snuggled up on my chest and might have half fell asleep, but he was pretty adamant that he wasn't tired.

He fell asleep on the way home with his pirate mask on. Which he "prolly needs a cover for the patch eye."


kbreints said...

That is really cute. Sam catch phrase is I don't want it... (whatever it is) ... not quite are endearing...

Mama said...

awwww. That pregnant lady was asking for it.

Our current favorite is "You'll make me saaaaaad if I don't get..."

Aunt Becky said...

Dude. He's so stinking cute.