Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shimmery Dog Poop

Landon has successfully transitioned to his new class at school. He's calling it his "big kid class." Some things are different. They potty on their own, and apparently no one writes down when or what occurred in the toilet - which is fine, I mean, I'd kind of like to know when he poops, because he doesn't do it often, but in his old class there were days when he had 9 times on the potty listed and I was kind of beginning to wonder if he did ANYTHING else, at least now I won't know. I'd kind of like to know when he poops, because he doesn't do it often, and I feel like maybe I should be on top of that - but I can get over it. They start having Spanish class and individual computer time. And then there's the homework.

They give him homework. Because 3 year olds get a "sense of responsibility" when they turn their homework in each week. They're 3. They are not the ones who remember about doing homework nor are they the ones who have to remember to bring it in on time. If that were true, Landon would also remember to bring his sheet and pillowcase every Monday, but he has spent several Mondays with a naked pillow and no top sheet for his nap. So no. I do not buy this responsibility of 3 year olds and homework business. It's just something else I have to do (not the homework - because I will not be doing him homework, not now, not ever, but sitting with him, reading him the MULTIPLE STEP instructions and making sure he doesn't get distracted by something shiny.) Can we just stop pretending this is an ivy league prep school?

Plus - the TIME. People, I work for a living - that's why he's there, I drop him off at 6:30 am, I don't pick him up again until 6:00 pm. We barely have time to eat, shower, brush our teeth, and spend a little quality time with each other, and now at least once a week, I have to spend my quality time doing what the people at his school could have done with him and he'd have learned it just as well. It kind of makes me want to teach him my personal time management technique which was always "do your homework at school if at all possible." Seriously, if I can finish my math homework during lunch or study hall (preferably not in the 5 minutes before said class began - or you know - maybe I'm wearing my historical revisionist hat (it has feathers!)) Then I did. And then when I got home I could ride my bike or whatever I was into back then - math is probably not a good example, as I always had teacher who spent about half the class lecturing and gave the rest of the class to start on homework - but the point is that I tried to finish it there so as not to taint my free time. Unfortunately they put his homework in a folder out of his reach, so I doubt that when everyone is play he could just be all "Hey - I'm gonna do my homework now," and go get it oh and never mind that he can't even read the directions yet.

They're not hard assignments, and it's not really a big deal to me, or him, I mean he loves learning. BUT the first assignment involved picking certain letters out of a group, tracing them, coloring, and cutting and pasting. I'm just glad I felt compelled to buy the safety scissors I bought him a few weeks ago - or we wouldn't have even been able to complete the assignment. The one he has to turn in tomorrow involves glitter. GLITTER. specifically white glitter. Which I read and said "well, they can bite me, it will be whatever color glitter I happen to already own." And I may have said it in front of Landon, and part of me hopes he repeats it, which means he won't, so I'm good.

GLITTER, people. If I wasn't a hoarder of all things crafty and a Girl Scout Leader, I might not even own glitter, which would mean I would have to go out and BUY glitter for this assignment, an assignment I'm not sure I believe in, in the first place, and now that I think about it, I'm afraid I took all my glitter to my parents' house so my mom could make ornaments with Landon and Zoey last year and yeah - I'm pretty sure I was obstinate and said I was not willing to take said glitter back to my house, that she must be the keeper of the now that I'm thinking about it more, I'm going to have to go buy glitter for this stupid assignment. GAH.

And it's less about having to buy the dang glitter and more about the mess. Because you see, we'll have to use more than necessary, and then it will get on the floor and then there will be vacuuming and wiping and I'll be finding glitter in my kitchen for the next 17 years.

I guess at least the dog's poop will be fun and shimmery in a day or so. So that's something to look forward to.


STQ said...

That's absolutely ridiculous. I think I'd stage some kind of revolution or something. Maybe a sit-in where you hold up signs made with...wait for it...glitter?

Preschool. It's ridiculous! LEt the kids have fun for heaven's sake. If they recognize a letter or two and can poop in the potty too, great, but let the #$%& kids run and play. Soon he'll be in 6th grade (like my kid) and have so much homework,it'll be coming out of his eyes. When you're three, life should be fun.

Mama said...

That is nonsense. The worst we get is that the school has "Mommy and Daddy University" once a month and they act like we are the worst parents ever for not attending. Because we NEED to be educated about our children. By the daycare. After work.

kbreints said...

Yeah-- I cannot believe that they have you doing homework at 3. That would be a big no from me. I mean-- as a working mom... time is important with the boys and if that homework works into that time great-- if not, I woul dnot be feeling to bad about it!

Carol said...

ridiculous, at that age quality time at home is the only 'homework' he should have...if he can't read the directions then it shouldn't be given out as homework...

good luck!!

Cindy said...

I think you need to start a revolution! I really like the glitter sign idea mentioned above. You should create some sort of homework for his teacher to complete and see if she likes it!