Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Landon's Monthly Newsletter #36

Dear Landon,

Over the weekend you turned 3. This month I believe you began the "I do it myself" phase in earnest. You wash your hands by yourself, you go potty by yourself, you're pretty much independent. It's kind of awesome. And sometime a hindrance, but mostly it's awesome.

You've begun saying things that are quite hilarious. Your view of the world is very refreshing, and you've begun to notice thing outside of your normal 5 foot radius. We're going to have to begin to work on your social filter, because some of the things you say are kind of rude and inappropriate.

You are not the same boy you were a year ago. A year ago when we put you in school, you wouldn't even talk to a stranger, you wouldn't go onto a playground if another child was there, you often froze if someone dared to speak to you. Now when we go to Chick Fil A, you are terribly disappointed if there are no other children there to play with you - you strike up conversations with complete strangers whether they want to or not, and any big boy you see, you feel the need to show them something - anything. At this age you remind me a lot of your cousin Joshua - and I think that's a good thing.

This year we decided to have your birthday party at the park and invite your friends from school. I don't think it really registered with you that your friends were actually going to come to "your" park. We had an awesome time. And it was really nice to get to mingle with some of the parents of your friends. You told your Great Aunt Brenda that you never wanted the moonwalk to go away. I think that's a pretty good sign that we did ok. I also think we're now on the hook for having a moonwalk at your party every year - I just hope the next time we go to the park we aren't expected to have it there.

Anyway I think your friends had a good time too, when I dropped you off at school this morning one of your friends told me he came to your party. I asked if he had fun and he was still excited about it.

Happy third birthday.



nonsoccermom said...

Happy Birthday to Landon! Hard to believe it has been three years...

Aunt Becky said...

Happy #3 Big Guy! I hear that 3 is the new 2.

kbreints said...

oh wow!! Happy birthday #3!! What a big boy!

Mama said...

Happy Birthday Landon!

bernthis said...

Happy birhtday kid. But I want you to know that my kid is 6 and she
still wants a moonwalk