Friday, October 09, 2009


Landon is a little bit obsessed with beards and mustaches. [Understatement of the century.]

When he has bubbles in his bath, he has a beard and a mustache, when he drinks something thick, he has a mustache and makes his own beard with a hand. And whn he has nothing, he will simply make both the beard AND the mustache with his hands.

“I got a beard and a mustache!” He’ll yell, until you acknowledge, that he does indeed have a beard and a mustache. So when his grandparents showed up with the fake mustaches, I thought he’d for sure wear them around the entire evening…but because I thought that, we got a good 5 minutes before they came off.

At least we got some pictures.


The Modernish Father said...

As someone with facial hair, I approve of this.

kbreints said...

I love it. So funny! Sam calls Dan's whisker, lickers. It is the cutest thing!

Aunt Becky said...

I endorse this fully. Kids rule.

bernthis said...

I've given up trying to predict anything my kid does